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Where did you meet us

Wedding date

Is to late

We need more time

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Design type

Custom design more info
Based on one made previously more info

Type of card

Simple more info
Diptych more info

Envelop type

Envelope lined more info
Envelope basic, no lined
custom design
We make a custom design according to your preferences.
based on one made previously
You can choose some of the designs that we have made and customize it, see design.
Card of size 21 x 15 cm that you can be to a face or two faces.
Invitation of size 21 x 30 cm folded in one fold.
envelope lined
Customize the inside of the envelope following the aesthetics of the invitation.
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Tell your guests how to get to the wedding with a small work of art


Confirmation card

Send a card requesting confirmation and other important details

Confirmation card

Witnesses card

Surprise your witnesses with a card dedicated

Witness card

Thank you card

There is always a reason to thank your guests. Send them a nice thank you card

Thank you card

thank you card for wedding design



Web development according to the design of the invitation. You could provide information to the guests comfortably, forms to ask about food allergies, bus, etc. See an example

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Write texts for wedding invitations is not always easy. Cristina Maser we have been inspired by your stories and we have created a new service to design a single text. More info


weadding text invitation

Seating plan

Organize the tables in the same style as the invitation

Seating plan

seating plan wedding design

Placement card

All the details matter, place your guests with style

Placement card

placement card wedding design

Menu card

Menu of your wedding according to the design of your invitation. Yes!

Menu card

menu for wedding


So as not to miss the detail of your ceremony


design missal

Place name

Put your guests in style

Place name

Mark wedding sites

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You can modify it until it suits your needs and send us
  • Printing in lad paper, 300g
  • Vat not included
  • Delivery costs not included

If you have any questions you can write to cristinamaser@gmail.com

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